Kiki Kiwi & Friends Litter Less Programme Interactives

Each lesson plan requires supporting resources.  For some you will see the resources needed are interactive resources.  This section is where you will find all of these.  

Kiki Kiwi & Friends – The Travelling Trash

Kiki Kiwi & Friends – The Travelling Trash, is the story book required to complete lessons 4, 5 and 6. Below you will find a PDF of the full story and links to download the individual chapters as PDF’s. At the end of each chapter there is a series of questions that relate to the chapter. You can find the answers to all chapters in the PDF below. Alternatively, if you click on PLAY a flip book with accompanying audio will open so you can share the story with your class on your computer.

Kiki Kiwi Story – Full Story
Kiki Kiwi Story – Chapter 1 (Litter in a local context)
Kiki Kiwi Story – Chapter 2 (Litter in a national context)
Kiki Kiwi Story – Chapter 3 (Litter in a global context)
Kiki Kiwi Story – Answers

New Zealand Ocean Currents

In Lesson ……

Antarctic Circumpolar


East Auckland

East Cape


Taranaki North Bight

Wairarapa Coastal

West Auckland


Litterbug animations

In Lesson 3 students learn about the different types of litterers. Below are animations demonstrating the eight different types of litterbugs that are referenced during Lesson 3. Click on PLAY to see each litterer in action.


People who put large items in the bin, but leave smaller, less obvious items behind.

Cheeky Chucker

People who throw objects away without even trying to conceal their actions.

Clean Sweeper

People who sweep litter off tables and leave it on the ground.

Dirty Disguiser

People who bury their litter under sand, leaves etc

Foul Shooter

People who aim for, but miss, the bin and then leave the object on the ground.

Sneaky Creeper

People who check that they aren’t being observed, then slowly inch away from their litter.

Trash Stasher

People who push items into small places where they will not blow away (e.g. gaps in tables).

Ledge Litterer

People who put items on the edges of bins, rather than littering or placing them in the bin.