Our programmes aim to educate, inspire and empower Kiwis to ‘Do the Right Thing’ and Keep New Zealand Beautiful.

Clean New Zealand Beautiful

We’ve been tackling litter since 1967 and it’s still a big part of what we do today. Our clean up events and programmes are great way to get out and about in your local community and make a difference.

Paint New Zealand Beautiful

Did you know that mural art in communities has shown to reduce antisocial behaviour such as littering and graffiti and increase community pride? Our Paint New Zealand Beautiful programmes are a great way for you to get out and about and keep your neighbourhood clean, safe and beautiful.

Education Programmes

The need to educate and inspire the next generation of Tidy Kiwis is a the heart of what we do. Environmental initiatives in schools are key to helping make this happen, by starting conversations, engaging kids and building a sense of community. We offer a variety of environmental education programmes for children of all ages to teach our kids the importance of caring for and protecting our environment.

Reward and Recognition

Our Tidy Kiwi Volunteer on the Month and Beautiful Awards programmes are all about recognising, acknowledging and celebrating all of the awesome work that is happening out there in our cities, towns, schools, community groups, and all the passionate individuals who are working in their individual communities to Keep New Zealand Beautiful.