Plant New Zealand Beautiful

Our Plant New Zeland Beautiful programmes are a great way for tamariki to develop a better understanding of the natural world and to gain hands-on learning experiences through planting, composting and growing their own food.

Kai Garden Competition

Kai Gardens is a fun and educational competition that is open to all New Zealand ECEs, kindergartens, primary and intermediate schools.

Students are given the opportunity to collaborate and design a garden that features edible and/or medicinal plants, and which is constructed using sustainable and reclaimed materials.

This is a great way for tamariki to learn how easy it is to reduce their environmental footprint by growing their own food, cooking seasonally and composting food and garden waste.

Ten designs will be chosen from all of the submissions received to win a $1,000 donation to bring their design to life and for the ongoing care of their garden as it grows.

Kai Connections

Kia Connections is a fun, easy and educational way for students, whānau and friends to demonstrate commitment to kai pai (good food) and kai mo te pai (food for good) by coming together to share in an environmentally friendly picnic.

Anyone can organise a Kai Connections picnic anywhere and anytime.

By registering for Kai Connections you’ll gain access to our resource pack, including our Event Guide which includes everything you need to know to organise your own Kai Connections picnic.