Kai Connections

Organise a Kai Connections picnic to enjoy food that’s good for you and good for the planet.

Kai pai, Kai mo te pai, ka pai! Good food, food for good, good one!

What is Kai Connections?

Kia Connections is a fun, easy and educational way for students, whānau and friends to demonstrate commitment to kai pai (good food) and kai mo te pai (food for good) by coming together to share in an environmentally friendly meal.

By registering for Kai Connections you’ll gain access to our resource pack, including our event guide which includes everything you need to know to organise your own Kai Connections picnic.

Plus, for schools we have resources which help you link Kai Connections to the New Zealand School Curriculum and United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why hold a Kai Connections picnic?

With food production, distribution and consumption all having a significant impact not only on our health but that of the planet, a Kai Connections picnic challenges participants to choose ingredients that are local, seasonal and organically grown, and as waste-free as they can be.

It’s a great way to get together as a school, business, community or youth group, or with family and friends to enjoy and learn about food that is better for the environment.

When and where can you hold a Kai Connections picnic?

Anywhere and anytime! Choose a time suitable to you at anytime throughout the year. A Kai Connections picnic is perfect to mark the end of a project, term or school year, to socialise with colleagues, or celebrate the completion of community events such as Clean Up Week. Why not host a Kai Connections picnic to celebrate Matariki with your friends and whānau?

A Kai Connections picnic can take place indoors or outside. Simply choose a place that is convenient for you and that suits the people you want to come along.

Who can hold a Kai Connections picnic?

Anyone! A Kai Connections picnic can be organised by individuals, families, schools, businesses or youth and community groups.

  • Schools – teach your students the importance of locally sourced ingredients, healthy food and waste-free school lunches. Gather your pupils together to share in a delicious picnic to mark the end of an environmental enquiry, term or school year.
  • Businesses – host a Kai Connections picnic for your next team building or social event.
  • Youth groups – a Kai Connections picnic is a great opportunity for groups such as Scouts and Guides to get together, learn and celebrate over delicious food.
  • Community groups – say ‘thanks’ to your volunteers by hosting a Kai Connections picnic.
  • Individuals and families – get your friends and whānau together to celebrate Matariki with a Kai Connections picnic.

Register your Kai Connections picnic to access our resource pack which includes everything you need to organise your event including an event guide, invites, posters, activities and school resources.

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