The winner of the New Zealand Couriers Volunteer of the Month for May is a very well deserving recipient called Bev Thomson who was nominated by our Alexandra-Clyde branch.

Joining the group as a Wellingtonian Bev was a foundation member and voluntary guide at the, what is now called, The Zealandia Eco sanctuary in Karori  “An exceptional experience” is how she describes the interaction with native birds and plants.

Bev’s passion is helping to revegetate land to bring back native birds and our unique Central Otago skinks.

As well as an exceptionally keen and hardworking member of KACB she is a prospective Trustee of the local Community Eco nursery which involves hands on experience collecting and propagating native seeds to enable future plantings, organised by KACB and other local groups, can be with plants specifically evolved for this part of Central Otago.

Not to mention her involvement with Alexandra Garden Club, our annual Thyme Festival and MAD4CO which promotes a wide range of environmental events.

Bev has the personality and drive to muster members and neighbours on a project establishing a native reserve in a new subdivision below Alexandra’s famous Town Clock.  To date over 250 natives have been planted, and in our part of New Zealand, protected from rabbits.  This involves nimble fingers with wire mesh and steel pins.  With persistence and meticulous research into costings and contractors, cajoling and begging if necessary, she obtained funding from the District Council to install an irrigation scheme.

Bev also helps at Working Bees on our Kamaka Way, Rail Trail and Linger & Die Projects.  September she is out on the annual Clean Up Day. Her nickname of Dog Poo Fairy may not be very flattering, but she is an avid picker–upper, along with litter, on her regular walks.  Members value her work, ideas and constant reminders to connect with groups equally as passionate about their environment.

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