YRE 2023 winners

Congratulations to all of our winners of the 2023 Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) New Zealand Competition. We’re proud to be the national operator for this internationally accredited competition which is run under the Foundation For Environmental Education banner (FEE).

The New Zealand YRE Jury, which comprises of experts in the fields of journalism, photography and environmental sustainable development, convened in August to review the submissions and determine the winners. Members of the jury included environmental photographer Jacki Key, journalist Adrian Hatwell, Keep New Zealand Beautiful CEO Heather Saunderson and Mars New Zealand representatives, Deigna Khama and Kristin Paddy.

The YRE New Zealand Competition first place winners will receive automatic entry into the YRE International Competition which will take place in mid 2024.

Watch the YRE 2023 awards presentation here.

Article – 11-14 years

1st place

Auckland’s New Food Bins: A Fiasco or a Success? | Savera Sidhu | ACG Sunderland

2nd place

A Clean Boat is a Good Boat | Sayla Ware | Half Moon Bay

3rd place

E-waste and Why We Should Deal with It | Madison Bryant | Waitakere College

Honourable mention

Plastic Packaging Polluting the Environment | Hayley Jensen | Waitakere College

E-waste – The frighteningly fast-growing problem that we need to pay more attention to |
Ilyaas Noor | Waitakere College

Eco-Building, Eco-Planet | Elsie Saunders | Newlands Intermediate School

Article – 15–18 years

1st place

RATS: Saving Lives…Or Are They? | Isheeta Lal | ACG Sunderland

Honourable mention

Marine waste and microplastics; the solution to ocean pollution | David Sok | Waitakere College

Our Oceans Against Marine Debris | Adam Webb | Waitakere College

Photograph – 11-14 years

1st place

Food Waste: An Overlooked Issue | Jacqueline Tsang | ACG Sunderland

2nd place

Litter destroys Tauranga Moana Taonga | Locklan Davenport | Otumoetai College

3rd place

An Eye into Reality | Milad Assady, Nirvan Grewal, Eric Taing | Green Bay School

Honourable mention

Think before you throw it | Sayeeda Binte Sharif  | Al-Madinah School

Borrowed Time | Sophie Ineson | Southland Girl’s High School


Photograph – 15-18 years

1st place

‘BigFoot; The Mysterious Wanderer’ | Mohammed Shoaib Shafiq Khan | Al-Madinah School

Honourable mention

Garbage Island: A Trashy Tale of Environmental Crisis | Musa Haydar Junaid | Al-Madinah School


Video – 11-14 years

1st place

Diving Deep (an ocean pollution story) | Orla Ryan and Zoe Russell | St Cuthbert’s College

2nd place

Stop Littering! It’s Killing Our Oceans | Talia Veldhouse & Soha Koparde | St Cuthbert’s College

3rd Place

The Waste Warriors: Student Reporters fighting against | Ece Dalgic, Defne Dalgic | Carmel College

Honourable Mention

Let’s Sort Our Waste at R.O.I | Lily Shultz, Sophie Heinzel, Daisy Chasemore | Royal Oak Intermediate

Video – 15-18 years

No placings given

Video – 19-25 years

No placings given