YRE 2022 winners

Congratulations to all of our winners of the 2022 Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) New Zealand Competition. We’re proud to be the national operator for this internationally accredited competition which is run under the Foundation For Environmental Education banner (FEE).

The New Zealand YRE Jury, which comprises of experts in the fields of journalism, photography and environmental sustainable development, held an online panel in the first week of September to review the submissions and determine the winners. Members of the jury included environmental photographer Jacki Key, Creative Director of Media Studies at the University of Auckland Folko Boermans, freelance journalist Adrian Hatwell, and James Keim and Henry Gibbs from Mars New Zealand.

The YRE New Zealand Competition first place winners will receive automatic entry in to the Global YRE competition which will take place in mid 2023.

Watch the YRE 2022 awards presentation here.

Article – 11-14 years

1st place

Hidden Environmental Issues, Amelia Lee, ACG Sunderland

2nd place

The Nursery On Our Doorstep, Emmi King-Smith and Isabel MacDonald, South New Brighton School

3rd place

Fast Fashion – a hidden threat to the environment, Joyce Liu, St Cuthbert’s College

Honourable mention

Fill Plates, Not Landfills, Ami Sugarman, Newlands Intermediate School

Article – 15–18 years

1st place

The Food Waste Fiasco, Stephanie, Kaylee and Nishwitha, Ormiston Senior College

2nd place

Are single-use masks saving lives or destroying the environment, Jiayi Li, St Cuthbert’s College

3rd place

The price the planet pays for your takeaways, Isabelle Lloydd, St Mary’s College

Photograph – 11-14 years

1st place

Sports 1 – Litter 0, Locklan Davenport

2nd place

One Too Many, Carter Wright, Orewa College

3rd place (equal)

Our Footstep, Mahara, Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Horouta Wānanga

Radioactive Waterways, Claudia McCullough, Southland Girls’ High School

Honourable mention

The New Fashion (photo story), Alex Henry, Southland Girls’ High School


Photograph – 15-18 years

Honourable Mention

He iti, he iti kahikātoa – Though little, it is still a mānuka tree, Phoebe Li and Huiseo Kim, St Cuthbert’s College

Honourable Mention

Death by a Bottle, Muhammed Faizan Farhan Khan, Al-Madinah School


Video – 11-14 years

1st place

Food Waste Cafe, Sophie Ineson, Southland Girls’ High School

2nd place

Change, Isla Hudson, St Mary’s College

Honourable Mention

The Story of Teddy Turtle, Mia Yang and Heeya Maini, St Cuthbert’s College

Honourable mention

Keep NZ Green, Defne Dalgic, Sofie Dryresen and Sophie Burrows, Carmel College

Video – 15-18 years

No placings given

Video – 19-25 years

Honourable Mention

Litter Less, Blue Masks, Shiquan Tuhura-Herkt, Rosehill Special School