Keep New Zealand Beautiful welcomes Northern Wellington branch

Not-for-profit organisation Keep New Zealand Beautiful will now have a branch in Northern Wellington, Keep Northern Wellington Beautiful.

Keep Northern Wellington Beautiful will be headed by Gary Mitchell, a Grenada Village local who won the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Volunteer of the Month in April 2019.

Gary is the founder and manager of the volunteer group Predator Free Grenada Village and Grenada North, a volunteer group that aims to control pests and predators in Wellington suburbs. Gary’s passion for coastal clean-ups stems from his education studying marine biology at Napier University in Scotland, and he is an avid beach cleaner having helped clean up 100 beaches across six countries.

He went on to become an Honorary Fisheries Officer in Wellington and has given talks and presentations to various organisations, clubs and schools to promote the importance of keeping our oceans healthy.

Gary’s goal is to protect and preserve our humble planet for generations to come. He carries out regular beach clean ups and leads a group of several hundred volunteers through Predator Free Grenada Village and Grenada North. Gary hopes that by starting a branch he will be able to influence more people in his local area and plans on hosting small monthly clean-ups and two large clean-ups throughout the year.

By starting a local branch, you can help Keep New Zealand Beautiful to create a better New Zealand. For more information on Keep New Zealand Beautiful’s existing branches, or how to start one in your local area, please click here.

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