Keep New Zealand Beautiful welcomes North Shore branch

Not-for-profit organisation Keep New Zealand Beautiful will now have a North Shore, Auckland based branch, Keep North Shore Beautiful.

Keep North Shore Beautiful will be headed by Alana Datson, a keen diver who cares about keeping New Zealand’s beaches clean and tidy.

Alana’s passion for cleaning up the environment started last year after seeing a video of a manta ray swimming through a sea of plastic and rubbish in Bali. She considered herself grateful to live in New Zealand, where she thought rubbish in the ocean was not an issue. However, after walking along Takapuna beach and collecting handfuls of rubbish she realised the problem was in her own backyard too.

Alana’s mission is to shed light on this issue, do her bit to clean up North Shore beaches, and bring her community together. She says, “Every little bit makes a big difference in our own backyard. I want Keep North Shore Beautiful to be something where like-minded people can come together and, as a community, we can have fun while taking care of our environment.”

Alana has created a Facebook page for the branch for people to follow and find out more about Keep North Shore Beautiful’s clean up events.

By starting a local branch, you can help Keep New Zealand Beautiful to create a better New Zealand. For more information on Keep New Zealand Beautiful’s existing branches, or how to start one in your local area, please click here.

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