Keep New Zealand Beautiful welcomes Hamilton Community Branch

Not-for-profit organisation Keep New Zealand Beautiful will now have a Community Branch in Hamilton, Keep Hamilton Beautiful.

Keep Hamilton Beautiful will be headed by Anna Petchell. Anna is passionate about the environment and making a difference. “After years of travelling and working at sea, I couldn’t turn an eye to the obvious pollution problem in the marinas, the ocean and what we were creating on the boat. I started getting rubbish pickers and organising marina and beach clean ups and from there it’s just become a habit to pick up litter wherever I go.”

Anna returned to New Zealand last year and looked for a local clean up group in Hamilton to join. When she couldn’t find one she decided to reach out and start her own Community Branch of the national not-for-profit organisation Keep New Zealand Beautiful.

“I want to create something simple and easy to do, where people can all do their bit to pick up litter and positively encourage others to do the same. If everyone picked up a piece of rubbish a day, we would clean up and improve this planet dramatically. So now with the creation of Keep Hamilton Beautiful, it is an all inclusive community clean up group, with the aim to help improve the health of the planet, and positively influence others.”

The branch has created a Facebook group for people to join to find out more about Keep Hamilton Beautiful.

By starting a branch in your community, you can help Keep New Zealand Beautiful to create a better New Zealand. For more information on Keep New Zealand Beautiful’s existing Community Branches, or how to start one in your local area, please click here.

Keep Hamilton Beautiful will be headed by Anna Petchell

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