How to dispose of your inorganic waste

Guest editorial by Laura Barron

Summer is finally on its way, and for many of us the warmer days and abundance of jandals also mean it’s time for a bit of spring cleaning. In the process, we’re discovering a number of items we either forgot we had or that we definitely don’t use anymore.

From fridges to sofas to old clothes, we’re stumped with the question: what should we do with all of it? Dumping it on the kerbside can lead to fines and isn’t exactly in the spirit of being a tidy Kiwi… Fortunately, there are plenty of options to either upcycle, donate or otherwise safely dispose of your inorganic waste.

Upcycle it
There are plenty of DIY aficionados around. If you’ve got an old wardrobe or desk lying about, consider donating it to someone who’s handy with a hammer… you never know what they might be able to build with it! And if you don’t know anyone, try posting a picture on your community social media page to see if there’s a neighbour who might be keen.

Make a few bucks by selling it
As long as your stuff is still in working order then TradeMe or Facebook Marketplace could be the place for you. You might be surprised by how much that old jumper goes for. Even if you don’t think it’s worth any money, you can always put it on Facebook Marketplace for free – someone will normally come and take it off your hands.

Save it for the op shop
Your local charity shop is always keen for great items, so consider donating clothes, smaller furniture and even electronics. Dump shops and supermarket clothing donation bins are also a great option, and so are your mates! They might want that jacket you never wear, even if you don’t!

Book an inorganic waste collection
Some councils have specific times in the year when they’ll collect inorganic waste, and most of them are pretty good at trying to recycle that waste where they can. Look at your local council website to see if this is a service they offer and which items are accepted. You can also take hazardous items or scrap metal to a transfer station (charges may apply).

See if there’s a takeback scheme
Some manufacturers for electrical or kitchen appliances operate take back schemes, so flick them an email to see if this is something they offer.

From upcycling to council collections, there are lots of options for your inorganic waste – so help Keep New Zealand beautiful by avoiding dumping it on the kerbside!

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