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13 October - 13 October


Craggy Range, Hastings New Zealand.
On October 13th 2017 we will be recognising the environmental excellence of individuals, groups, businesses and schools at our annual “Beautiful Awards”.

Entries are valid only for projects, campaigns and initiatives, which have been completed between September 1st 2016 and September 1st 2017 unless otherwise stipulated in the outlined criteria. All winners will be announced at the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Awards Gala Dinner at Craggy Range Winery in Hastings.

Award Categories:


Some people serve as true role models playing a vital role in enhancing our communities. These awards honour individuals that go above and beyond for others, our environment and communities. Their commitment is extraordinary and for this we want to acknowledge them.


The Tidy Kiwi Award recognises and rewards an individual who has distinguished themselves as truly extraordinary and serves as an inspiration to us all. The Award honours outstanding and exceptional leadership in litter prevention, waste reduction/recycling and beautification activities. This category is open to receive entries from either individuals themselves or you can nominate someone else who you think is deserving of this award. All winners of the NZ Couriers Volunteer of the Month receive automatic entry in to this category.


Famed columnist, television personality, entomologist, and former KNZB Patron, Ruud Kleinpaste (aka the “Bug Man”) has used television screens around the world to share his continuing delight and amazement at the richness and complexities of the insect world and championing numerous environmental causes. The Award is given to the KNZB member whose efforts to positively enhance the organisation’s mission and values have gone beyond that of what many volunteer KNZB members may undertake.


The Young Legend Award honours an outstanding volunteer under the age of 18. This exceptional young man or woman will have demonstrated remarkable leadership and outreach in his or her community through work in the areas of litter prevention, waste reduction/recycling promotion and beautification.


These awards are all about celebrating community, the groups, people and projects that make living in our region a better place. We believe a focus on the people and places in our community guarantee a positive future for generations to come. The awards recognize a project that has truly enhanced a community in an exceptional way, they also reward a Schools that has placed a high importance on educating the next generation of Tidy Kiwis in Sustainability and implements action and we have an overall Community Group Award that we wish to honour and recognize the groups achievements.


The Community Environmental Initiative Award annually honours innovative projects that have achieved extraordinary environmental results by harnessing the power of partnership. From large national efforts to small-scale locally based projects, many of New Zealand’s most innovative environmental efforts have succeeded as a result of community collaboration.


The Sustainable Schools Award annually honours a teacher, school or tertiary institution for commitment and practical action to implement sustainable practices and environmental projects, which enhance the school and/or community. This award is sponsored by New Zealand Couriers and the recipient is awarded $2,000 to fund environmental educational activities and programmes of the teacher, school or tertiary institution (not for construction costs, general expenses, salaries, bonuses, or other administrative expenses).

The Sustainable Schools Award is proudly sponsored by:



This award recognises and honours a community group that contributes to enhancing the environmental and social aspects of their region and additionally shows a strong sense of community spirit. We invite both regional and national community groups to enter that will highlight their achievements and the vital role they have played in communities. This category is open to our branches and all other not for profit community groups throughout New Zealand.


This year we are proud to launch our Business Awards that will recognise and acknowledge businesses that strive to put sustainability at the core of their business practices. The awards have various focus points that will be packaging, projects and overall business practice. Businesses play a huge role in our environment by the decisions and choices they make. Therefore Keep New Zealand Beautiful want to recognize businesses that have purposefully and successfully made choices that are good for the future of New Zealand’s environment.


This award recognises and celebrates the most innovative packaging. Considerations regarding how the packaging effects the environment , the product material, supply chain, the design and creativity of the packaging and end of life will all be taken into account.


The Most Sustainable Project Award honours an innovative project managed by a business that has achieved extraordinary sustainable results accomplished by a business. The project has succeeded in having a positive effect on the surrounding community and has set a great example for other businesses prepared to launch a project in New Zealand.


There are two award categories for the Sustainable Business Awards.

  1. Most Sustainable small-sized Business – less than 20 staff
  2. Most Sustainable large-sized Business – more than 20 staff


Creating, sustaining and keeping places beautiful is a huge part of what KNZB works towards. We want to celebrate these beautiful places and acknowledge the people, councils and organisations that work so hard to keep them that way and bring to the forefront of our minds what makes a beautiful place.


This Award recognises the Best Loo in the country. It will take into account the location, the cleanliness and facilities of the interior and exterior and environment around the loo. This category is open to any one who manages/oversees a public toilet.


This award recognises and celebrates a street that clearly stands out in the community. It will take into account the efforts that have been made for beautification, cleanliness and community pride. Gardens are cared for and the street feels safe, there is no evidence of graffiti or litter and plans are in place for keeping the street beautiful.


This award recognises a favourite spot in New Zealand. It will be based upon location, facilities available, natural beauty, man-made beauty, cleanliness, popularity, and uniqueness. Anyone in New Zealand can nominate his or her favourite spot to win the Kiwi’s Choice Award.


These awards recognise and celebrate positive actions taken by communities in local and urban areas to protect and enhance their local environments. They encompass initiatives such as litter prevention, recycling, protection of the environment, preserving heritage, community action and leadership and environmental sustainability programmes.

There are four categories for this Award

  1. Most Beautiful Suburb – open to all suburbs in NZ
  2. Most Beautiful Small Town/Village – Population of 5,000 or less
  3. Most Beautiful Large Town – Population of 5,000 – 20,000
  4. Most Beautiful City – population of 20,000+

Entries will open, (official criteria and terms & conditions released) and tickets go on sale June 1st 2017.

You can check out the 2016 Beautiful Award winners here


13 October 2017


Craggy Range, Hastings New Zealand