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Congratulations to Lyn and Graham Pearson who are Whanganui's environmental volunteer super heros - our New Zealand Couriers Volunteer of the Month for August.

Lyn and Graham both work hard at Sustainable Whanganui where they do so much that it can't all be listed, but includes: hosting educational tours for school and community groups; keeping the place running smoothly; organizing open days such as Earth Day and the recent Feijoa Festival; going along to local schools to help them plant fruit trees; liaising with local council and so much more.

They also organize Community Planting Days in the local sand dunes and always provide participants with a nice warm meal after the hard work. They do planting sessions with local community groups too. When Whanganui flooded, last year, their local beach was covered in so much rubbish, including fridge freezers and livestock that had been washed down the river. Lyn and Graham organized a couple of informal community clean-up days and got the beach tidy again. Again, they made sure everyone was fed, with hot soup, after all their hard work.

They're a really kind couple and they do a great job of encouraging new volunteers, by making them feel welcome and wanted.

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