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31 March 2017

Graeme Scott has been selected as the New Zealand Couriers Volunteer of the Month for the great work he has been doing in Christchurch...

Graeme began taking care of the riverbank opposite where he lived after the earthquakes. Maintenance was reduced and his neighbour, who derived a lot of pleasure from accessing the riverbank, was unable to. 

2 March 2017

On 1st March the National winners for the New Zealand 2016 YRE competition were invited to the New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) newsroom for a day internship, sponsored by The New Zealand Herald. 


28 February 2017

Congratulations to Peter Hallinan from Christchurch who is the February winner of the New Zealand Couriers Volunteer Of The Month.  

28 February 2017

When Bucklands Beach Primary School contacted us about wanting to clean up their local beach, we were delighted to be able to help out.

25 February 2017

A major new campaign to stop people littering aims to change behaviour and to educate people, Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith and Parliamentary Private Secretary Scott Simpson announced today at National’s Bluegreen Forum in Auckland.


31 January 2017

Emilly was nominated by her sister Kate for the New Zealand Couriers Volunteer of The Month (VOM).  We 100% agree that she is very deserving of the award and are delighted to announce Emilly as our January winner. Congratulations Emilly!


21 December 2016

Our December winner of the New Zealand Couriers Volunteer Of The Month is Karen Ngatai.  Just over a year ago Karen instigated the planting of Rhododendrons along a 1.3km stretch of State Highway 4 between Taumarunui and Manunui, located between the highway and the railway track, with funding that she sourced from throughout the Taumarunui community. 

20 December 2016

My particular KLB focus over the last few years has been on removing tags and keeping our town tag free. The good news is that as a community we have largely been successful, The bad news is that when I drive through other towns it is clear that we are all facing the same challenge. I hope that other branches will find Levin’s story useful.

1 December 2016

Congratulations to all of our winners in the first ever Young Reporters For The Environment programme run in New Zealand.  Keep New Zealand Beautiful is the national operator for this internationally accredited competition which is run under the Foundation For Environmental Education banner (FEE).   

1 December 2016

*Winner Young Reporters For The Environment*

Millions of pieces of rubbish are washed into the ocean daily. From bits and pieces of plastic bags to wood debris to fleece jackets and other articles of clothing. This rubbish is just the everyday plastic bag or lolly wrapper that didn't make it into the bin.