Kiki Kiwi & Friends – The Travelling Trash – Page 8

It rained for the rest of the afternoon. Water began to stream through the gutters as people hurriedly walked by. The rain water picked up the blue plastic bag and swirled it down the street, collecting all the other gutter rubbish as well. It eventually swept the plastic bag into a big storm water drain.

The bag travelled quickly at first, through the darkness, then slower and slower until it emerged at the other end. It arrived at the same beach where Kiki and his friends had been.

Still raining the next day, the tide surged high up the beach and snatched the blue plastic bag with its foamy arms, dragging it back down to the sea. The blue plastic bag bobbed in the waves, backwards and forwards like a surfer.

It lay for hours wet and sandy on the beach as the tide retreated.
Everyone walking past ignored the blue plastic bag, except for a few dogs who sniffed at it curiously.

Kiki and his friends stayed dry at home, postponing their beach picnic for another day.