Wall Worthy 2018 Winners Announced!

Keep New Zealand Beautiful are excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Wall Worthy Competition! Winners will each receive a $750 Resene paint voucher to paint their mural, along with an electronic prize, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Resene. Thank you to all the schools and community groups who entered the competition, and a big congratulations to our winners and finalists!


Category 1 - Early Childhood Centres


Our mural will depict one of the local pūrākau or Māori legends that tell the story of three local mountains that many of our children and families are connected to. You can see these whale mountains from our kindergarten. Our kindergarten association recently published this story as a children's book, and one of the illustrators is a current member of our kindergarten family.

The themes behind this pūrākau include kotahitanga - working together for the collective (which is a great metaphor for how we created our food forest), manaakitanga - taking care of each other, and taking care of our environment and whanaungatanga - family connections and relationships that sustain us.

Category 2 - Primary Schools


The attached sketch depicts children's hands formed into the recycling logo, they are the custodians of the future. We linked the importance of the key message, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to the NZ Black Robin, perhaps one of the world’s most successful conservation stories, having brought back the population from one breeding female called Old Blue.

This is a powerful story of hope and it demonstrates how dedication and attention to the environment can bring positive change. By reducing, reusing and recycling, we decrease our dependence on the earths limited resources, reduce the destruction of habitat and reduce the negative flow on impact this has on our native flora and fauna. This in turn provides a balanced, healthy environment for us all to enjoy. The image includes native NZ flowers which represent habitat, with the blue back ground and the stones representing a river and Riverland’s School. We are very excited to present this image for the competition and look forward to the chance of painting it and enhancing the school environment with this valuable message and conservation story.

Category 3 - Intermediate Schools


In this design the central focus is the school logo. You can also see the many cultures of our community and school are intertwined in the mural. Tu tangata (stand tall) is our school motto. We gain matauranga ( knowledge) by attending school. Respectful, resourceful and responsible are our school values.

Category 4 - Secondary Schools


Waitakere College

In this place we grow, protect and care for the Diversity of our environment, and the Diversity of our people, in West Auckland and our school.

Depicts a diversity of people - such as built this school and this community and continue to contribute to our vibrant culture - all doing what they can to protect the diversity of our natural environment that we all share.


Category 5 - Community & Youth Groups


He Whanau Marama Charitable Trust

We want to bring our beautiful natural landscape, beaches, histories, various peoples and interest groups from Iwi Maori o Muriwhenua, Hapu, Europeans, Dalmations and the love we have for Kaitaia and the Far North on to the Walls of the most abandoned and neglected buildings​/area in our Township.

This application will be for one wall as all three would be far too expensive and we're hoping to be considered to get this Project started​. The area is in the centre of our town. We want a visual timeline or depiction with a Waka and bright stars navigating our Ancestors to these shores (dark deep blues with bright white stars), depicting Te Rerenga Wairura (lighter blues with lighthouse), 90 mile beach with fishing (coming into lighter blues and greens), kaimoana and beautiful greenery, nature, birds, (greens and turquoises) then coming into a township and out to Ahipara sands, sun and surfing (yellows and oranges), with musical notes, hearts, sports balls and other things youth love to do up here - we want the space to provide a place for our children to be nurtured, active, loved and supported as they live their lives in Kaitaia and grow and develop their skills and strengths on to further study, employment or careers.

People and the Land and Sea are all one. People can't survive without it - acknowledge it and celebrate it, as it supports and nourishes us to live while we become better humans on this planet to do great things for ourselves, our families and our communities. We need to be reminded that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world - so look after it.

Congratulations again to all the entrants, finalists and winners of the Wall Worthy competition! Wall Worthy is part of our Paint New Zealand Beautiful programme, proudly brought to you by Resene.