Mini #LitterLessCampaign

Reduce Environmental Pollution! 10 days – 7 actions.

19-28 October 2021

Join a global effort to reduce environmental pollution through a ten day campaign, promoting sustainable behaviour change, by completing seven actions around the themes of litter and waste.

The international campaign will run between 19-28 October 2021. There are two ways to get involved: either download the Treasure Earth app where you will be presented with a challenge each day; or alternatively the challenges can be downloaded as a document to undertake at any time throughout the campaign.

The seven actions are short and easy to complete, and can be adaptable to any context eg: as an individual, family, school, or youth-group activity.  The campaign is open to all young people – primary to tertiary age.  Educator notes are provided for teachers wishing to lead a student group through the campaign.

At the end of the campaign you will then be invited to create a short video (max 1 minute) of a Zero Waste action and submit it to the #LitterLessCampaign Competition! We’ll choose the best three New Zealand entries and submit them to the international competition where a prize will be awarded for each of the following age categories:  10 years and under, 11-16 years, 17-25 years.

How to get involved?

Step 1: Sign up for the Campaign

  • Complete the registration form below. You will be sent instructions to download the Treasure Earth app, and you will be presented with one action to complete each day from 19 October 2021.
  • If you’d prefer to join without the app, register your interest below and we’ll send you the complete list of Actions, including educator notes for teachers and parents wishing to lead their students through the campaign

Step 2: Create a video highlighting a Zero Waste action

  • On Day 5 of the campaign, you’ll be encouraged to take up the challenge of living a full day of your life without creating any waste that is disposed to a landfill! Show us your Zero Waste action/s by creating a short video (max 1 minute)

Step 3: Enter your video in the Zero Waste Litter Less Campaign competition

(The video competition entry page will go live on 19 October, the first day of the campaign)

Criteria for acceptance:

  • The entry must be an example of a ‘Zero Waste’ action/s
  • Videos must be no longer than 1 minute
  • Open to all students – primary through tertiary
  • The entry must be posted on at least one social media platform with the hashtag #LitterLessCampaign (Young people under 14, please ask your parents or teacher to post your video!)

We must receive your video entry by 5 November 2021.

Complete the form below to register your interest in the campaign.  For any queries please contact

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Because of the digital age of consent, if you would like to involve younger students, we recommend that a teacher or parent downloads and registers for the app and does the actions together with them. Alternatively, you can download the actions and implement the campaign offline!

The #LitterLessCampaign will become visible in the app on 18 October 2021. Once a user joins the campaign in the app, a new action will become visible each day (following the time zone GMT+0).

You’ll be able to see all the past actions, so if you don’t have time to complete one on a certain day, you can choose to do it later in the week. The last day of the campaign is 28 October 2021. Also, none of the actions are compulsory! You may choose which ones you want to carry out. The more, the better.

Yes, all personal data will be removed three weeks after the campaign. Inside the app, you can find also Now. Here.’s privacy policy – simply click on the top right circle to go to your own account.

Yes, the Reduce Environmental Pollution Actions and Help Notes can be downloaded and actions undertaken at any time!

Register for the #LitterLessCampaign