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Organise a Community Paint Out

Are you organising a paint out in your community and need some supplies and guidance?

At Keep New Zealand Beautiful we have graffiti free kits available all year round to help community groups with their paint outs. Each clean up kit includes a voucher for free resene recycled paint (in 5 colours) gloves, roller, brush, rags, high vis vest, tote bag, t-shirt, pen + more. We also have a pool of resources available including  a detailed event guide  which has health and safety information which we are happy to share with groups doing community paint outs.

To help you prepare for a successful paint out we have:

To download the resources click on the provided links above.  Then right click and save to your computer.  If you are viewing on a mac click the link above, then right click and click ‘open with preview’ so you can export the files.

Registering for your free resources 

Before you register for a free graffiti free kit you need to work out what area you are going to paint, approximately how many people will be helping, and have an indication of when it will happen.  Once you have that info download our terms and conditions for the resource kits and make sure you have read it.



In return for the free resources, we simply ask that when you are advertising or marketing your event that you include Keep New Zealand Beautiful as one of your partners.   We love to see the great work that is being done as a result of the resources we supply, as do our wider team and members.   So if possible please try to email through any of the marketing you do, press you generate or images you take.

You can download our logo below:

  • Keep New Zealand Beautiful Logo (black background) – this logo is to be used on white/light backgrounds
  • Keep New Zealand Beautiful Logo (transparent background with black text) – this logo is to be used over images with a light background
  • Keep New Zealand Beautiful Logo (transparent background with white text) – this logo is to be used on dark backgrounds, or over images with a dark background (note when you open you won’t see the full logo.  It will only appear once it is placed over an image)

If you are unsure which logo to use or have any questions at all our marketing team is more than happy to help.  You can email them at

All the best for your paint out! Please don’t forget you must fill out an evaluation form afterwards. Thank you for helping us to keep New Zealand beautiful, and for encouraging others to do the right thing!

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