In Term 3 2018, Keep New Zealand Beautiful will be launching Kiki Kiwi and friends, as part of the “Litter Less” programme for students aged 5-11 years old. These litter centric educational resources are based on the adventures of Kiki the Kiwi and his endeavour to stop litterers! They’ve been developed to help 5-11 year olds understand and respond to litter and littering issues.

The Keep New Zealand Beautiful 'Litter Less' programme presents six inquiry questions that are separated into three interconnected themes and delivered over 12 lessons.

Theme 1: Defining litter

  • Inquiry question 1:   What is litter?
  • Inquiry question 2:   How and why do people litter?

Theme 2: Understanding litter

  • Inquiry question 3:   How does litter move, and where to?
  • Inquiry question 4:   How does litter break down?
  • Inquiry question 5:   What does litter look like in our school community?

Theme 3: Actioning

  • Inquiry question 6:   How do we create a litter-free school?

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