The year 2018 marks our 51st year. As we embark on this next chapter, we remain committed to leadership in sustainability – this is anchored in our organisational values. We will continue to serve as a leader in the sector, be ambassadors for sustainability, drive continuous improvements in all its dimensions and actively engage in dialog with stakeholders on our strategy, decisions and actions.

To this end, we have reinvigorated our ‘Be a Tidy Kiwi’ brand of yesteryear, and in Term 3, we will introduce you to the ‘Kiki Kiwi Litter Less Programme,’ which aims to educate children about the importance of putting their litter in the bin.  It is split in to three themes, six inquiry questions and delivered over 12 lessons as outlined below:

Theme 1: Defining litter

  • Inquiry question 1:   What is litter?
  • Inquiry question 2:   How and why do people litter?

Theme 2: Understanding litter

  • Inquiry question 3:   How does litter move, and where to?
  • Inquiry question 4:   How does litter break down?
  • Inquiry question 5:   What does litter look like in our school community?

Theme 3: Actioning

  • Inquiry question 6:   How do we create a litter-free school?

The programme has been created for teachers who teach students aged from 5 to 11-year olds.  We have aligned it to the New Zealand curriculum for each of the above year levels across the below subjects:

  • Health and PE- Healthy Communities and Environments
  • English-Ideas Language Features
  • Science – Living World
  • Science – Real World
  • Mathematics – Statistics
  • Mathematics - Geometry and Measurement

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