Keep New Zealand Beautiful (KNZB) has partnered with Chorus on its cabinet art programme which aims at beautifying communities by adorning otherwise drab telecommunications cabinets with works of art. Often these cabinets are targeted by vandals as they provide a blank canvas for tagging. We’ve found that would-be taggers are less likely to graffiti painted cabinets, out of respect for the artwork and artist.

Submissions are now open. Please complete the form below to submit your design. Submissions close 27 September 2019.

We are also looking for five murals with a Rainbow theme to show support for our LGBTTI community. You can find the five specified cabinets that have been allocated in the drop down menu in the form below. If you’d like to submit a design for one of these Rainbow cabinets, please ensure you give us some background about what the design means to you and how it relates to our LGBTTI friends.

Paint Your Cabinet Beautiful is brought to you by Keep New Zealand Beautiful on behalf of Chorus.


Please tell us what your inspiration behind the design is and the enhancement/visual improvement that the project would make to beautify the community. Maximum 500 words.

Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp eps tif pict psd pdf doc ppt xls.

Please read the full Artist Criteria