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Tackling Graffiti

Graffiti is a highly visible and unsightly form of vandalism, and one that’s associated with increased neighbourhood crime. An area that tolerates graffiti is likely to be targeted for further graffiti and vandalism, and also other types of crime like burglary.

The good news is that the quicker graffiti is removed, the less graffiti the area will attract in future. Highly successful programmes have been rolled out in New Zealand communities – you can read some of the case studies below.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful, together with our partners Ministry of Justice and Resene, works with councils and community groups to prevent and remove graffiti. We’re making neighbourhoods everywhere safer – with the help of volunteers like you.

To report a graffiti hotspot, call 0800 TIDY NZ.

Graffiti eradication events

There’s plenty of opportunity to get involved in events like our annual KNZB Graffiti Free Week in March, where communities target areas to paint, and our Wall Worthy mural competition for schools.

We always need volunteers to organise events in their own areas, so sign up for our newsletter or keep an eye on our news and events pages for more details.

Volunteer to ‘Adopt a Spot’

Send a message that your community is one that cares – adopt a spot in your neighbourhood to keep graffiti-free.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful – with support from Resene and Auckland Council we can provide free tool kits for volunteers. Kits include rags,vouchers for free recyled paint, brush, roller, gloves, hat and hi-vis jacket, stickers, Paint NZ Beautiful T-shirt and forms and resources to help you plan your event. To request a graffiti removal kit click HERE.

Resene also gives away free paint to community groups as part of its PaintWise programme – find out more and register here.

Tough-on-graffiti policies and initiatives.

Tag Free Kiwi

A comprehensive graffiti-free teaching guide developed for Years 7 to 10 by the Police Youth Education Service. Plus for younger children, a values-based programme called Do the Right Thing.

How to STOP Graffiti Guide

A practical resource for schools, councils, businesses and residents containing best-practice advice and steps to prevent and manage graffiti vandalism in communities.

STOP (Stop Tagging Our Place) Government Strategy

Information about the Ministry of Justice’s graffiti prevention strategy, including links and material for retailers, councils and the public.

Resene’s Anti-Graffiti Resources

Great practical tips and information about helping eradicate neighbourhood graffiti, plus info on Resene’s programme that donates recycled paint to community groups.

For more resources visit our Graffiti Free Library

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