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March - Volunteer Of The Month

31 March 2017

Congratulations Graeme! 

Graeme Scott has been selected as the New Zealand Couriers Volunteer of the Month for the great work he has been doing in Christchurch...

Graeme began taking care of the riverbank opposite where he lived after the earthquakes. Maintenance was reduced and his neighbour, who derived a lot of pleasure from accessing the riverbank, was unable to. 

Graeme began by cutting a path in the long grass to the edge of the bank so the neighbour could walk over and enjoy watching the wildlife again. The path got wider each time he mowed it and eventually he was mowing a 200m section regularly.

He also mows property berms that were neglected and tidies the whole area including looking at trees that need tidying up. Since he began his work, graffiti in the area which was ramping up has largely disappeared and rubbish is no longer being dumped there.