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Organise a community planting

Are you organising a planting in your community and need some support and guidance?

Keep New Zealand Beautiful have some limited seedling funding available which you could be eligible for.  Keep New Zealand Beautiful in partnership with Paper4Trees has funding available for seedlings to be planted in various regions.

If you have an area that you wish to plant in (and have permission to do so), then please apply for seedlings for your local planting via the webform below.  You will be contacted to confirm if you have been successful in your funding application and to talk through the process of obtaining the seedlings in your area.  

If you are planning to organise a community planting  we have created the below resources that are available for you to use:

Note - you must sign up as a website user to be able to apply for seedling funding.  Simply click on login in the top right corner and follow prompts to do this. If you have any queries you can contact Joanne directly on  To read the terms and conditions click here

Click here to see if we have funding for seedlings available in your region.


In return for the free resouces, we simply ask that when you are advertising or marketing your event that you include Keep New Zealand Beautiful as one of your partners. We also ask that you fill out an evaluation form it will only take a few minutes.  We love to see the great work that is being done as a result of the resources we supply, as do our wider team and members.   So if possible please try to email through any of the marketing you do, press you generate or images you take.  

You can download our logo below:

  • Keep New Zealand Beautiful Logo (black background) - this logo is to be used on white/light backgrounds
  • Keep New Zealand Beautiful Logo (transparent background with black text) - this logo is to be used over images with a light background
  • Keep New Zealand Beautiful Logo (transparent background with white text) - this logo is to be used on dark backgrounds, or over images with a dark background (note when you open you won't see the full logo.  It will only appear once it is placed over an image)

If you are unsure which logo to use or have any questions at all our marketing team is more than happy to help.  You can email them at   

All the best for your community planting! Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions and don't forget you must fill out our online evaluation form afterwards. Thank you for helping us to keep New Zealand beautiful, and for encouraging others to do the right thing!