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Become a Beautiful Kiwi Supporter

Keep New Zealand Beautiful has been supporting Beautiful Kiwis who volunteer their time to clean up our beaches, plant trees, fight graffiti and help keep New Zealand the beautiful country we are all so proud of. If you become a Beautiful Kiwi Supporter today your regular monthly gift will help ensure these amazing people get the essential support they need to keep up the good work.

You'll be supporting people like Norma McCallum who has been working tirelessly to keep Waikanae beautiful for about 25 years! Norma has led her community to remove graffiti, clean up the beach, plant trees and shrubs, plant roundabout gardens, fight litter and much more. In fact in 2015 she was honoured with a Queens Service Medal for services to her community. Your regular monthly gift helps KNZB support people like Norma with Clean Up kits and other essential support.

We rely on the support of people like you and Norma. KNZB supports over 70,000 volunteers every year, doing the most amazing work to keep New Zealand a country we can all be proud of. It costs a small amount of money to support people like Norma with a few basic essentials like gloves, rubbish bags, cleaning materials and paint to remove graffiti.

As a Beautiful Kiwi Supporter you will receive:

  • our monthly newsletter Beautiful News, enabling you to keep in touch and monitor the progress of KNZB;
  • and - most of all - a sense of achievement knowing that you are helping to keep New Zealand beautiful.

How much should I give?

We are asking people like you to support KNZB by donating a small amount on a regular basis. Many people ask us how much they should give. The answer is, of course, just as much as you feel able to. We think that $1 a day (about $30/month) isn’t too much to ask of most people. However, this is just a suggestion and the amount you donate remains your decision.

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